Island Rhythm Innovator
Singer, percussionist, drummer, guitarist

Miroca is supported by Latin Percussion and Remo

Confirmed for Siesta Festival Poland

Originally the 10th edition of the Lotos SIESTA Festival in Gdansk would take place in April, at which time Miroca was still touring with Madonna. Due to the pandemic it was postponed to September – and this time luckily Miroca is available to join on 13 September in Gdansk! Read more

Available for summer 2020 and beyond!

The COVID19 virus is hitting us all hard, the lockdown, the social distancing and not being able to connect live with each other through music. While it’s still uncertain what the summer season will look like, I’m positive that we can beat this and will be performing again.

Get in touch with my team: Kokako Music –
Let’s beat this together and keep the scene alive by supporting your favorite artists!
– Beijinho, X Miroca

♥ 🚀 SEE YOU SOON 🚀 ♥

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