Showcase Atlantic Music Expo (AME) official selection

Miroca Paris has been officially selected as showcasing artists for the 2019 edition of AME, held in Praia on Santiago island, Cabo Verde.
For the 7th year the conference and festival is bringing together international delegates to discover and enjoy CV talent and international acts.

After playing at renowned festivals such as WOMAD UK, neighboring WOMAD Las Palmas, showcase festival Mundial Montreal, it’s great to finally share his music back in Cabo Verde!

Thu 11 April – 21:10 Miroca Paris, AME @ Rua Pedonal stage
(free concert!)

Press release AME National line-up 8 March 2019

Friday he’ll return home, to the island of Sao Vicente for a special concert.
Also referred to as the cultural & musical heart of the country Mindelo is where Cesaria lived, where Miroca played with drum bands like A Batucada from an early age and where the ‘Paris’ family has thrived.

Fri 11 April 21:00 – Hotel Porto Grande ‘Oasis Atlantico’, Mindelo
tickets $1000 available at hotel reception

12 June 2019 – RTC national radio Cabo Verde, feature ‘Artist of the week’
17 June 2019 – Les Inrocks (FR), review AME
Et attardons-nous sur son neveu, Miroca Paris, musicien de Cesaria, à l’énergie apaisée, qui mêle aux traditions de son île des chemins teintés de jazz et de funk.”
16 April 2019 – RTV national TV Cabo Verde feature on program Cabo Verde Magazine RTV