The latest appearances of Miroca Paris in the media, press review, articles, features and more!

Selection of radio & TV appearances, reviews, features and announcements

15 July: Berliner Morgenpost newspaper “Gilberto Gil & Miroca Paris in Berlin”
17 June: French magazine Les InrocksReportage au cœur des musiques capverdiennes
12 June: RFI France: Reportage Afrique “Miroca Paris une vie de musique
12 June: RTC National Radio Cabo Verde – Feature ‘Artista de Semana’
16 April: RTV Cabo Verde special about Miroca at AME – Cabo Verde Magazine
12 April: SAPO CAbo Verde online magazine “AME 2019 incl Miroca Paris“.
12 April: SAPO Cabo Verde online magazine “VII edição do Atlantic Music Expo
11-14 April: TV RTP Agora Nos celebrating 30 years Dany Silva & guest Miroca Paris
4 April: TV live footage & interview of Vozes Cabo Verde, by RTP Bem-Vindos
4 April: Expresso das Ilhas newspaper announces Cabo Verde Tour
23 March: Glam Magazine Miroca Paris plays Lisboa twice!
27 March : TV RTP Bem-Vindos interview & live music
18 March: Radio TSF Radio Noticias – special feature in Zona Global
8 March: Atlantic Music Expo announces national line-up incl Miroca Paris
12 Jan: TV SIC progam ‘Etnias’ interview & live music

Portugal 2018
– TV RTP Conversas ao Sul
– TV RTP Bem vindos
– TV RTP Rumos 

WORLDWIDE (under construction)
Camões Radio, Balança Toronto with Francisco Pegado, broadcast November 16, 2018
OMNI TV, Focus Portuguese with Sergio Mourato, aired November 17, 2018
CHIN RADIO, Noites da CHIN Brasil with José Schuster, broadcast November 17, 2018
Camões TV, Camões TV Show Nº43, aired November 25, 2018 – Interview conducted by Telma Pinguelo
(The entire show can be found in this link)
Afropop Worldwide, “Miroca Paris: Taking Center Stage” written by Ron Deutsch, November 27, 2018